Your Home Is Where Our Heart Is – Ferris Home Improvements

Your House + Heart = Your Home

It comes down to this: No matter the size and scope of the job you entrust to us, our main focus is to work with you, do whatever it takes to help make your vision for your home a reality and do a professional, high-quality job. Your home improvement is really all about you, and we listen carefully and devise a work plan that meets your wishes. We may have our opinions on aesthetics, but those decisions are yours.

But … It’s not ALL about you!

The types of decisions that aren’t yours, however, are those that impact the quality and craftsmanship of your project. We’re pretty stuck in our ways about that, and the only way is The Right Way. If you ask us to cut a corner that saves you some money but degrades the quality of the job, we’ll have an issue to discuss.

Frankly, we are the pros, and YOUR home is where OUR heart is – and our mind and our ethics. We’re not against frugality – in fact, you’ll find our estimates are competitive with the industry. That’s just the way we do things.

We have a dedicated staff of skilled construction professionals that has more than 40 years of combined experience. We routinely train and retrain as new materials are released and products are improved. You aren’t getting installers with 20-year-old knowledge – our staff is constantly kept updated.

Why Are We So Finicky?

In a word – because our family name is on the job.Ferris Home Improvements was founded by Delaware native Walter “Reds” Ferris, who began the company with only one full-time crew member – himself. Now FHI employs a full-time crew of craftsmen that he has hand-picked over the years. On average, FHI completes hundreds of jobs each year, but owner Reds Ferris still oversees the operations and runs estimates.

It may be YOUR house, but it is where OUR heart is when you need home improvements. Call us, and let’s talk about it.