Who Else Wants a Home Remodel Before the Holidays?

I look around my cramped kitchen and think of all the holiday meals coming up and dread the constant crisscrossing I know to be ahead. I’m sure that forty years ago when it was constructed that the homeowners thought it was the cat’s meow. Well, expectations were so much lower back then.

With today’s fast pace and the numerous modern conveniences that are available, it seems a sin that I’m still cooking in a 1976-style kitchen. I know I’ve been harping on this subject for a while now, but I really would like to do a little remodeling before the holidays arrive.

How about you? Are there some items on your home remodel list that you wish you could get done before the madness begins? There is no time like the present to get your home ready for the holidays.

Here Are 5 Great Home Remodel Projects You’ll Wish You Did Before the Holidays:

  • Roof Repair or Replacement – Don’t let a leaky roof dampen the festivities ….get your roof repaired or better yet replace your roof with new designer shingles to make your home stand out with a fresh clean look to impress and perform before the harsh weather sets in!
  • Siding Replacement – Want an easy way to guide your guests to your home? Tell them to go to the gorgeous house with the brand new siding!
  • Front Door Replacement – Wow your guests when they enter your home through a fancy new front door that will keep them warm and cozy during their visit.
  • Bathroom Remodel – The bathroom is the most used room during the holidays … it literally could use a revolving door! Treat your guests to a freshly renovated bathroom.
  • Kitchen Remodel – Where your guests always inevitably gather…need we say more?

Start brainstorming about what home improvements you’d like to get completed before the holidays arrive and call Ferris Home Improvements, we were voted Delaware’s #1 Home Improvement Company three years in a row!