How to Prevent Shortening the Life Span of Your Roof

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A new roof is a major investment and extending the lifetime of a roof should be at the top of every homeowner’s ‘to do’ list. Just as regular maintenance on an automobile can make it more dependable, run smoother and last longer, so too can regular roof maintenance enable your roof to protect your homes’ interior and prolong its life.

A number of natural occurring elements can shorten the life span of your roof. Keeping a close eye on the telltale signs that your roof is at risk is the best way to act proactively in solving any of these issues before they cause too much harm.

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Things such as high winds, hail or a heavy tree limb that falls onto your roof during storms is an obvious sign that you need to ensure that there is no lasting damage. However, even minor storms can cause small leaks that will further deteriorate the roof structure if left unrepaired.

Other somewhat silent enemies of your roof are ultraviolet (UV) exposure or excessive heat. Having your attic assessed for proper ventilation and/or insulation could stave off premature aging of the roof’s shingles.

If you have excessive moss growth or mold on your roof, consider removing tree limbs that are too close to the roof and get a roofer’s advice on how to remove it safely without further damage to the shingles.

A car needs to regular inspections to ensure its roadworthiness. So too should you have a regular roof inspection to ensure the roof’s integrity and ability to protect your home’s interior. Exposure to the elements can cause minor issues such as bent or missing flashing, curled or missing shingles. Only regular roof inspection will detect these in time to prevent further, more expensive roofing repair issues.

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