5 Tips to Stop a Leaky Roof From Becoming a Nightmare Before Christmas

While there is no good time to deal with a leaky roof, the holidays is perhaps one of the worst of times. This is the season for spreading holiday cheer with baking, shopping, decorating and celebrating, and a faulty roof could conceivably be a nightmare before Christmas. Don’t let your roof dampen your spirits, be proactive and get the roof of your dreams. Contact your local residential roofing contractors to help get your roof in shape for the holidays.

Here Are 5 Tips for Transforming Your Nightmare Roof Into a Dream Come True!

  • Don’t buy anything less than a dimensional shingle. 3-tab roofs don’t last as long and add little if any visual appeal to your home.
  • Go for the designer color shingles. Their many different intertwined colors really give your roof visual appeal, dimension, and make the colors of your home pop!
  • Opt for the full tear off and replacement versus a “go-over”. It’s a better quality job that puts less stress on your roof’s decking and your wallet in the long run … someone is going to have to pay a little extra down the road for the labor involved for 2 layers to be torn off!
  • Don’t forget to seal/coat your flat roof before heavy winter snow hits! It not only looks better…it performs better!
  • Take the time to coordinate your roof and siding color choices. Get input from others, ask an expert for advice….consider whether or not you will be replacing the siding color in the near future to ensure that the roof color choice coordinates well with the other colors in your scheme.

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