5 Top Home Improvement Gifts for Mom & Dad

Are you looking for the perfect present for Mom and Dad?

Parents can be tricky to shop for as they’ve had a lifetime to accrue all the decorative items, gadgets and clothing they could possibly use! So this year get a little creative and get them something in the home improvement department. Something they most likely haven’t thought to purchase themselves.

Here Are 5 Top Home Improvement Gifts for Mom & Dad:

  • Keyless entry front door lock: Help Mom avoid fumbling around in her overstuffed purse for her house keys. A simple installation of keyless entry means that your parents won’t need to store a spare key somewhere on their property, which can be a security risk. Eliminating the need for that additional key helps to make their home safer and provides them will the ability to allow entry into their home to others at their discretion.
  • New Energy Star® windows: Not only will new Energy Star® rated windows increase the value of their home, it will provide a perfect barrier to the elements. Installing ENERGY STAR® qualified windows will lower mom and dad’s energy bills and save them money. More efficient windows is a greener solution as they’ll use less energy.
  • New Blown-in Insulation: Keep Mom and Dad cozy this winter by getting them the AttiCat® Insulation system. Ferris Home Improvements is proud to offer the AttiCat® Insulation system to our customers which works by taking specially packaged Fiberglas insulation and feeding it through a machine that breaks it up and fluffs it, adding millions of tiny air pockets to increase the materials’ insulating power. Now that does sound cozy!
  • New Appliances: Is Mom’s oven or refrigerator that lovely avocado or dark brown color popular way back when? (Last century!) Not only is this ascetically unappealing, it could be very inefficient and a real safety hazard! Get piece of mind by getting them up to date with the latest appliances that are energy efficient and chock full of modern conveniences.
  • New Garage Doors with Hi-tech Openers: If the idea of Mom or Dad having to manually release a faulty old garage door in freezing winter temperatures is disturbing, why not get them a brand new top of the line garage door with a hi-tech opener. There are many basic and advanced features to choose from when selecting an electric garage door opener, including automatic stop, remote lockout, and a battery back-up system.

Ferris Home Improvements can help you select the perfect Home Improvement gift for anyone on your list. We work hard to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers and have a team of expert home improvement contractors waiting to make your next home renovation or improvement idea a reality!