Why I Deserve a New Kitchen (And You Do Too!)

I deserve a new kitchen and here is why …

  • I am a hard-working mom
  • I spend countless hours chauffeuring my kids to and from one activity after another
  • I am my kids and husband’s biggest fan
  • I am the sole supplier of the family meals and procurer of groceries
  • I barely have time to brush my hair (let alone style it)
  • I am the family pack animal, carrying everything from lunches to backpacks to coats
  • I am the wash women
  • I am the cleaning women

I could go on and on about why I deserve a new kitchen, but I think you got the point, so I rest my case.

I’m thinking that now is a perfect time for me to update the kitchen before the holidays get here. With the cooler fall days and the kids back in school, the idea of renovating my kitchen just got a lot easier!

Mainly, I’m looking to make the kitchen more functional and to beautify it with all the wonderful new conveniences such as an organized pantry, state-of-the-art refrigerator and cooktop, splashy new backsplash, and sparkly new countertops. Oh, how exciting it will be!

Let’s face it, we moms work hard year-round and deserve a little pampering when it comes to the kitchen. Besides a fully functional kitchen will only make our superpowers greater and in the end, really benefit those who depend on us. So it’s mostly for them, right?

Check out this ‘Century of Kitchen Design’ visual that I came across when looking for some inspiration. I’m not sure that I can decide which century I like the best.

What Century of Kitchen Design is your favorite? Share with us on Facebook your favorite and if you go for a new kitchen design … please share. You worked hard putting it all together. Why not show it off?

Interested in learning about how Ferris Home Improvements can help with your kitchen remodel in Delaware? Get in touch, we are experts at getting your kitchen renovation from start to finish with the least amount of dust and noise as possible! And we have lots of experience, so we can help you make wise decisions that will improve and accommodate your busy lifestyle!