Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

5 Signs Your Delaware Home Needs a Roof Replacement

This had been a long winter with record snowfall and low temperatures for the entire east coast. Now that the thaw is setting in and the snow is melting, it’s time to inspect your roof to see how it fared.

In our last post we discussed how the thawing and refreezing cycle that this area has been experiencing can cause your roof to go into thermal shock. When that happens, it can decrease the typical 20-year life span of your average shingled roof.

How Do You Determine Whether to Repair or Replace a Damaged Roof?

Making this decision should be based on the cost of repair versus replacement and the age of your roof. Also, it depends on how many layers your roof already has. Often, homeowners choose to reroof over an existing faulty roof in order to save the expense of having to tear up and cart off the old materials.

Have your roof inspected by a professional you trust in order to assess the following:

5 Signs That Your Roof May Need Replaced Rather Than Repaired:

  1. Roof shingles are curled at the edges, torn or missing and past their life expectancy.
  2. Excessive amounts of shingle granules in the gutters are a sign of advanced wear, indicating that the shingles have lost their ability to protect your home from the elements.
  3. Leaks in your roof that can’t easily be repaired and a sagging roof deck.
  4. Experiencing extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane type wind and thermal shock, greatly reduce a roof’s lifespan
  5. Mold and fungi growing excessively on a roof can be a big indicator of rot

Take into account the cost to repair versus the cost to replace and how much of your roof needs repaired. If there is not a big cost difference, you may want to consider full replacement.

A new roof is a big expense, but starting fresh has its advantages. It increases the value of your home, refreshes its look and lasts for decades.

If your roof is experiencing any of these symptoms and you would like some advice, call us at Ferris Home Improvement. We are roofing contractors in Delaware that can help with any roof replacement, repairs and preventative maintenance.