5 Things You Should Know About Proper Roof Ventilation for Your Delaware Home

Many homeowners don’t realize how important it is to have proper roof ventilation and that poorly ventilated attics can lead to costly problems, such as moisture buildup due to condensation from temperature changes. Gable roof on the Carlsbad Village Information Center.

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Lack of ventilation can lead to a musty smell, mold, and mildew, as well as void a shingle manufacturer’s warranty. This is because excess moisture in your attic can end up warping or rotting your wood and shingles.

This issue can further deteriorate the integrity of your roof by allowing even more moisture damage from rain and snow. Not to mention the possibility of structural damage if the roof or ceiling beams are affected. Another expense could be accrued by having to replace any insulation that gets wet.

Energy efficiency is another consideration when talking about proper roof ventilation. When temperatures rise, the heat gets trapped in an improperly ventilated attic, making your air conditioner work harder and costing you more in cooling bills.

Who Knew Roof Ventilation Was So Important?

The obvious solution to all the issues caused by improper ventilation is to make sure your Delaware home has proper roof ventilation. Ferris Home Improvements is Delaware’s #1 roofing contractor vested in helping our customers make the right choices for their home repair and replacement projects.

5 Things You Should Know About Proper Roof Ventilation for Your Delaware Home:

  • You should only have a ridge vent OR an attic fan.If you have both, they’re working against each other!
  • Your ridge vent is only as good as its supporting soffit ventilation!There should be adequate intake of outside, cooler air through soffit to naturally push the hot air up and out of the ridge vent. If you only have an exit through the ridge vent, then the hot air will still sit stagnant in your attic and create moisture.
  • Moving air fosters a dry environment. Stagnant fosters a damp environment, especially with temperature differences between the interior and exterior. Whether you opt for an attic fan or ridge vent, make sure there is movement of the air. Signs there are not: moisture/mold in the attic, etc.
  • Go GREEN.Choose a ridge vent/soffit ventilation combination that requires no electricity or go for a solar attic fan. Both will save you money!
  • Get CREATIVE with your gable vents, whether you need them or not! Gable vents are exterior vent covers for your attic fan that can offer a great decorative opportunity for those who like to add beautiful details to their home. If you’re replacing the gable vent and you’ve recently replaced your siding or plan to replace your siding soon, now is the perfect time to switch up the shape/type of Gable vent you install. This will help your home avoid weather-faded areas on old siding.

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