Find Out How New Vinyl Window Replacement Windows Can Lower Your Energy Bill!

Are Your Windows or Doors Costing You Money?

Find Out How New Vinyl Window Replacement Can Lower Your Energy Bill!

The infamous heat and humidity of Delaware’s summer is in full swing and keeping your home cool during the hottest time of the day can be a challenge. This can be twice as hard if your windows and doors are not up to the task.

How Do You Know if a Vinyl Window Replacement or New Door Installation Might Be Helpful?

The key to keeping your home comfortable is to be sure you are maintaining your window and doors, as well as the sealing around them. Often a minor air leak can cost you a lot of cool air leakage or allow the hot air to penetrate your home, making your air conditioner work overtime.

This not only makes for an uncomfortable temperature inside your home, but creates a higher energy bill, sometimes costing you 20% or more!

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying too much to cool your home this summer.

5 Ways That Your Windows & Doors Could Be Costing You Money This Summer:

1) Are your windows & doors in their fully closed and locked position? If not, they are not performing at their best to keep your home cool. When they are locked, their peak seal is performing at its best. If they still are not keeping your home cool, then you might need new windows!
2) Are your windows or doors broken? If the glass is cracked or the frame is warped or cracked, their ability to seal out the outside elements is broken as well. You may want to contact some window replacement contractors for free estimates.
3) Can you see daylight around your windows or doors? If so, then you are DEFINITELY losing cool air and letting in hot air. You will need to have them properly installed, caulked, or repaired.
4) Is their condensation BETWEEN the glass of your window panes? While condensation on one side of your window that you can wipe away is completely normal, condensation BETWEEN the panes of glass that cannot be wiped away is NOT. It is a sign of a broken seal, and your double-paned windows that once were energy-efficient are now no longer performing correctly.
5) If you have a storm door installed, keep it fully closed and keep your accompanying entry door fully closed as well to keep cool air in and keep the hot air out! It works as double duty!

If your front door is leaking air and costing you too much in utility bills, consider contacting us to find out about our expert door installation in Delaware. Ferris Home Improvements is a locally owned home improvement contractor offer professional vinyl window replacement and door installation in the Delaware area.