5 Wood Trim Terms You Should Google Before Your Next Home Remodeling Project!

Are you at the beginning of a room remodeling project? You might want to google these 5 wooden trim terms before you get started. Nothing adds class and elegance to a room like wood trim and paneling.

Back before we had washable paint, wainscoting was used to protect the lower, most vulnerable walls within the home. Many of the more affluent homes were covered in all styles of dark and glossy wood paneling and trim to shout out how tasteful and stately the residents within were.

Today, there are many affordable and easy to install wood paneling options. From modern to traditional styles, there are a plethora of great design ideas that will serve to yield visually pleasing and proportional solutions to your room remodeling project.

So before you begin your home remodeling project, hop on your laptop and start googling, check out great ideas on Pinterest or find your #woodpaneling project ideas on twitter. Don’t forget to share before and after pictures with us on our facebook page!

5 Trims You Should Google Before You Remodel

  1. Crown Molding — Crown molding can make a room seem more elegant and serve to hide imperfections where walls meet ceilings.
  2. Chair Rail – Architects back to the Roman and Greek eras have been using chair rails to divide walls and using colors to create visually pleasing portions.
  3. Wainscoting – Wainscoting can transform a bland room into a beautiful elegant showroom.
  4. Shadow Box Molding – Shadow boxes is created by placing small trim over painted walls in rectangular or parallelogram shapes, giving the appearance of wainscoting.
  5. Coffered Ceiling — A grid of beams on a ceiling is great way to add character to any room.

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