10 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

A Man inspecting a roof

Winter weather can harm your roofing system. If your home’s roof has suffered the from snow, ice and high winds, now is the time to do a full roof inspection. A simple roof inspection in the spring to identify any vulnerabilities can fix a problem before it causes costly damage.

Wintry storm systems compromise your roofing shingles, flashing, gutters, down spouts, soffit or fascia. Most roof damage occurs well before anyone on the ground notices any issues. Fixing these roofing issues before spring rains arrive prevents a minor problem from turning into a major one.

10 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. Inspect for loose, curling or damaged shingles, as well as any nails popping out
  2. Inspect Soffits, Fascia and Vents for animal nests and debris
  3. Clean out debris, repair and inspect your gutter system for any leaks
  4. After removing debris from gutters, follow up by power washing to remove the remaining dirt buildup
  5. Check and repair loose Flashing or metal strips that seal gaps and prevent water from seeping under shingles
  6. Simultaneously check for cracked or impaired caulking. Scrape off the previous material, clean and reseal the area with fresh caulking
  7. Remove moss or any debris on the roof that can keep your roof moist. Remove any tree branches covering your roofing system to allow sunlight to dry your roof properly
  8. Check for signs of fungus or algae. If your roof is starting to collect moss or algae, install zinc or lead control strips
  9. Do NOT pressure wash your roof. This can cause shingle granule loss and, likely, premature failure of your roofing system. Opt instead for a safe roof-cleaning product
  10. Examine the exterior of the chimney for signs of damage. Seal any cracked mortar or caulking around joints and chimneys, if it appears to be deteriorating

Regular seasonal maintenance can prolong the life of your roof and protect you from unexpected leaks and interior damage. Keep your family and possessions dry and safe by scheduling for a full roof inspection today!

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