The Scary Truth About Clogged Gutters and Roof Damage

Most homeowners know in the back of their minds that among the many fall chores they should do, cleaning and repairing gutters should be at the top of the list. But let’s face it, fall has so many enticing offerings, such as harvest festivals, school sports, football tailgates … the list goes on and on.

I have to admit that at this current time, my spring chore list is still not finished!

However, taking your home’s gutters and downspouts seriously is a wise way to keep your home protected throughout the year and especially for the upcoming winter season. After all, gutters and downspouts play an important role in diverting rainwater, ice and snow away from your home’s foundation. Keeping them maintained and cleaned out can prevent ice damns in colder temperatures and excess moisture buildup year round. Gutters that are well-maintained and debris-free can prolong the life of your roof and your drainage system, saving you a lot of money on costly repairs. So my suggestion is to make it a priority to either inspect, clean out and repair your gutters this fall or to hire a professional roofing contractor to do it for you. It will be time and money well spent!

5 Scary Truths About Clogged Gutters and Roof Damage

The following BAD Things Can Happen When You Fail to Clean Out or Repair Your Gutters:

  1. Diverts water toward your foundation and/or basement: Clogs due to debris buildup, rust, or unfastened gutters can enable water to be channeled directly down toward your foundation … I’m pretty sure you can see the ‘downside’ to this scenario!
  2. Can cause water and mold in your roof and/or soffit: Water that is directed towards your foundation due to faulty gutters could cause your home to be exposed to all types of toxic damage, from the weakened fascia to mold to settling walls.
  3. Attract mosquitoes due to standing water: Standing water in clogged gutters during the warm months can invite mosquitos into your home…keep your gutters clear for peak pest season!
  4. Cause ice dams that will weaken your roof in winter: Ice dams damage your gutters AND prevent melting snow from draining properly from your roof, increasing the likelihood of water seeping under shingles and refreezing causing major damage that is costly to repair.
  5. Neglecting affordable maintenance can quickly turn into substantial costly damage: Failing to maintain your home’s gutters can lead to compromising your home’s #1 defense system, its roof. A damaged roof can lead to interior damage to your home causing leaks, mold or mildew buildup and damage to your home’s furnishings.

Extra Tip: Those of you whose homes are situated on a heavily wooded lot where heavy rains and snow or winds can cause branches to break and damage your roof may want to invest in gutter guards to avoid chronic clogging and debris buildup that can occur in such situations.

Have your gutters reached their lifespan? Why not invest in seamless gutters, they have become an industry standard when upgrading a home’s gutter system.

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