Should I Remove the Wood Siding on My Home or Cover It up With Vinyl Siding?

Should i remove the wood

When to Remove Wood Siding or Cover It up With Vinyl?

Many homeowners hoping to reduce time spent maintaining wood siding often consider upgrading to quality easy-care vinyl siding. Long gone are the days when vinyl siding was known as a cheap alternative to aluminum that easily cracked, buckled, and faded. Vinyl siding’s reputation has greatly improved over the last 50 years.

Today’s technological advances in the vinyl industry have greatly improved the product’s chemistry and installation techniques. Vinyl siding popularity has grown as an economical solution for covering the façade of new homes, as well as siding replacement for older ones.

Vinyl siding is less likely than wood to trap moisture due to the tiny weep holes in the butts of the panels and the fact that it’s loosely hung to allow air to circulate behind it.

When you have wood siding on your house and you decide to install vinyl siding, the dilemma of removing the existing wood siding or leaving it on arises. While it remains best to start fresh when replacing siding, there may be some instances where the wood can remain in place.

When Leaving Wood Siding in Place Is a Good Option

For example, if the wood is in good shape and you are sure there is no moisture trapped behind it, it may make sense to leave it intact. This will eliminate the extra cost of removal when on a tight budget. It will also add to the R-Value of the home, as installing vinyl siding over wood siding makes for better insulation.

When Removing the Wood Siding Is the Best Option

However, if there is a visible moisture problem on the wood siding around the windows or on any part of the walls, which is a possible sign that of damaged plywood that needs replacement. In this case, the wood needs removed.

Any home that is over 50 years old needs closely examined for moisture damage. It would be wiser to remove the wood siding to make certain there is no damage. In addition, any signs of insect infestation will remain an issue when covering the wood with vinyl, so removing the wood siding is a better option.

While whether to remove the existing wood siding is really a personal choice. Knowing the drawbacks or benefits may make your decision easier to make.