Great Discount Ideas to Ask About Before Getting a New Roof

It’s a no-brainer that your roof plays a key role in protecting your home, so it’s equally important to keep it maintained and in good condition. Don’t miss out on your needed roof repair before it’s too late. This part of the house often gets overlooked, but when a roof fails, it can allow moisture, mold and mildew inside the home. This is not a healthy way to live at your home.

Getting a professional evaluation from a trusted roofing contractor can help you avoid many costs of a faulty roof. Also, a regular maintenance is a must! Don’t let a leaky roof cause damages to your ceilings, walls, flooring and furnishing!

While the average lifetime of a residential roof varies depending on the maintenance history, location, weight of the roofing shingle, extreme weather conditions and such, asphalt shingles can usually last 15 years or more.

A new shingle roofing installation is costly and one of the top major investments most homeowners have to deal with. It’s very important to get few estimates and explore all your options before you decide on the most qualified roofing installation contractor. Never hesitate to inquire about special discounts, as many roofing contractors will offer some price deductions.

4 Discounts to Ask About Before Getting a New Roof:

  1. Senior discount.
  2. Military discount.
  3. Multiple-project discount.
  4. Multiple-home/neighborhood discount.

The BEST rate by far is the Multiple-Project discount because you can get your money’s worth with a bundle and get the services contracted together. Also, consider financing the remodel if you cannot pay for everything at once.

The Multiple-Home/Neighborhood discount is another EXCELLENT discount. It will give you the best price for your roof by pooling together with neighbors whose roofs are in need of replacement. It saves the contractor time, money, and possibly product delivery (only if your homes require the same exact products) if you can get 1 or 2 of your neighbors to join you in signing for a new roof installation.

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