Bringing Color, Pattern & Personality into Your Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Do you dream of transforming your kitchen and bathroom into spaces that burst with color, pattern, and personality? A remodel is the perfect opportunity to infuse your style into these essential rooms. Follow this guide to make your kitchen and bathroom stand out while ensuring they remain timeless and functional for years to come.

Embrace Bold Patterns and Colors Wisely

The key to an exciting kitchen and bathroom is to incorporate bold patterns and colors in the right places and in the right amounts. High-contrast, colorful floor tiles are a great example—they capture your attention without overwhelming the space because they sit below the eye-line. Colorful tiles for backsplashes or shower niches are another way to add depth and texture. If you choose intricate flooring or bold tile accents in other places, keep the walls less exciting to achieve the proper balance.

Use Classic Tile in Unexpected Applications

Utilizing classic tiles in innovative ways adds a unique twist to your bathroom or kitchen remodel. For instance, you might use familiar subway or hexagon tiles in varying patterns or sizes for an understated yet captivating design element. Another example is to embrace a floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall tile approach for a bold, cohesive look.

Stay Within Your Color Comfort Zone

They say you should step outside your comfort zone, but in a kitchen or bathroom remodel, your comfort zone is exactly where you want to be. After all, that’s how you ensure your space reflects your personal style. So, if you have a penchant for certain hues, integrate them thoughtfully to make your home feel truly yours.

Incorporate Colorful Cabinets and Backsplashes

Your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and backsplashes are perfect for injecting a little color. Textured cabinet doors paired with a painted island create an inviting, dimensional look. Similarly, the backsplash is an ideal place for a bold focal point, adding depth and tying the room’s aesthetic together without overpowering the senses​​​​.

Get Creative with Wall Colors

Paint is an effortless way to introduce color. A single painted wall can dramatically change the feel of your kitchen or bathroom. For instance, a glossy blue accent wall in the bathroom and red soffits in the kitchen create eye-catching moments. Pair these with crisp white cabinetry, and you’re sure to achieve the wow factor you’re going for.

Implement Strategic Pops of Color

If you hesitate to embrace too much color, consider adding strategic, non-permanent pops. You might do this through vibrant kitchen stools, colorful bathroom towels, or greenery on the countertop. This approach allows for easy changes, making it simple to update the room’s look with the seasons or as your preferences evolve.

Mix Countertop Materials

Your choice of countertop can significantly impact your bathroom’s color scheme. For instance, choosing a dark-colored countertop lends a luxurious feel and makes lighter elements stand out. In the kitchen, you have the unique opportunity to mix and match colors and materials. Perhaps you’ll choose a traditional stone for the perimeter countertops and a butcher block island for an intriguing contrast and food-prep versatility. While you’re at it, why not incorporate two-tone cabinets? Opt for dark lower cabinetry and light upper cabinets to keep the kitchen grounded.

Envision Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel with 3D Rendering

It can be challenging to visualize your dream space. That’s why it’s helpful to work with a designer who can bring your vision to life. At Ferris Home Improvements, we offer 3D renderings to get everyone on the same page. This allows you to preview how your color and pattern choices will look before making any real-life changes. 3D rendering alleviates stress and uncertainty during the decision-making process so you can enjoy your renovation to the fullest.

Financing Your Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling can be a significant financial undertaking, but Ferris Home Improvements makes it more accessible with flexible financing options, including 0% interest for 12 months. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream kitchen and bathroom without letting financial limitations get in the way.

Why Choose Ferris Home Improvements?

If you have always wanted to treat yourself to a gourmet-style kitchen and spa-inspired bathroom, Ferris Home Improvements can help make it happen. Founded in 2004, our local, family-owned business has become the go-to source for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Delaware, Northern Pennsylvania, and parts of Maryland. We pride ourselves on completing every project to the highest standards, with a handpicked team ready to install beautiful countertops and artfully crafted cabinetry. If you’re excited to embark on a fulfilling and exciting kitchen or bathroom remodel, please contact us at 302-998-4500, and we’ll get you started with a free consultation and estimate.