5 Window Replacements to Be Thankful for This Holiday Season

Have your windows seen better days? Are they allowing the outside elements into your home? Why not replace them with energy-efficient, double-pane windows to greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills and increase the value and coziness of your home?

Choosing the right windows for your home can be overwhelming given all the styles, materials, and features that are available. New windows are a major investment and should last upwards of 20 years, so doing a bit of research is a wise move.

Here Are 5 Window Replacements to Be Thankful for This Holiday Season:

  • Casement windows (aka, “crank-out windows”) – When the house is full of people and the heat is pumping during the cold season, it can get too hot very quickly. A crank-out casement window is great to have on-hand to instantly get access to the crisp outside air…not to mention if you have a mishap in the kitchen and need to get the burned stench of food out of the house quickly!
  • Garden windows – A garden window offers a nice bump-out shelf area for the talented chef to cool those delicious holiday pies (only with the proper cooling mat underneath of course!). They can also be a great place to feature your favorite holiday decor for everyone inside and outside to enjoy.
  • Double-Hung windows – Most replacement windows nowadays are double-hung, unless of course you plan to enjoy specialty windows like the ones mentioned above…they are very easy to clean before your guests arrive! They can also make it a lot easier to get access to the exterior of your window for placing decor outside.
  • Insulated windows – They keep your house warm, save you money, and also keep the integrity of their shape better throughout their lifespan because they are not hollow frames.
  • Bay windows – The perfect cozy reading nook or perch for waiting for Santa’s arrival!

When choosing windows, consider not only the cost but the quality. Choose a product made by a well-known company that has a reputation of providing a quality window that has all the following features; energy savings, ease of use, low maintenance, durability and a solid warranty program.

Finally, it is important to choose a reputable vinyl window replacement contractor that is especially trained by the manufacturer of the window. Ferris Home Improvements are expert window installation contractors for Vinylmax Windows in Delaware. We have been voted the #1 window replacement contractors by our happy Delaware customers. Get in touch!