5 Warning Signs You Need New Windows

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Well, we have made it through another northeast cold weather season and spring is in full swing! Did you notice that your heating bills were higher or feel drafty areas near windows in your home this past winter? That is a clear indicator that your windows are not doing their job.

Windows are a one of your home’s main defense against the elements. If they are not keeping out the heat during the summer or the cold during the winter, then you might want to consider window replacement.

Sure new windows are a big investment, but you are getting a lot of functionality for your bucks when you select state-of-the-art energy efficient window replacement. Today’s windows are easier to open, clean and better at keeping your home at a consistent temperature.

5 Warning Signs You Need New Windows:

  • Cracked Glass or Broken Locks: Faulty windows can be a major safety hazard. Do not risk a fall, cut, or break-in. Install new windows to add safety, enhance the beauty and safety of your home.
  • Trapped Moisture: Moisture trapped between glass panels indicates a broken seal that means faulty windows, which are not doing their job.
  • Sticky Windows: Windows that are hard to open or close are frustrating. New fully- operational windows makes for an easy solution.
  • Obvious Drafts: As windows age, they can lose their effectiveness to stop drafts allowing freezing or sweltering temperatures into your home. Install energy efficient windows to save money and stay comfortable.
  • Compromised Frames: Rotted or crumbled wood around window frames can allow for moisture damage or pest infestation, creating unhealthy living conditions for your family.
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If your windows do not meet your needs, it is time to upgrade to add safety and efficiency to your home.

Replacement windows not only add beauty to your home, they also add value and make it livable. We are experts at installing energy efficient windows to improve your home’s safety, lighting and ventilation. Ferris Home Improvements is Delaware’s #1 Window Replacement Contractor. Contact us today to get a free estimate!