5 Most Costly Overlooked Roof Repairs

5 Costly Overlooked Roof Repairs

Now that fall has arrived and the heat of summer is a mere memory, it might be a good time to take a thorough assessment of your roof to determine if there are any repairs you should do before the colder weather arrives. Your roof is your first line of defense against torrential rains, snow and damaging hail storms, so keeping it in pristine condition is a smart strategy.

Here Are the Top 5 Most Costly Overlooked Roof Repairs

  1. Missing Shingles: One missing shingle on a shingle roof could allow for all sorts of damage to the elements below. If water seeps under the shingles, it can accelerate the need for roof replacement due to rotting wood and a slew of other issues, such as mold and water damage to the interior of the home.
  2. Missing or Incorrectly Hung Gutters: When your gutters enable proper drainage, water is channeled away from your house. However, if you have problems such as clogs due to debris buildup, rust or unfastened gutters, the water can be channeled directly down towards your foundation. This can cause all kinds of damage, from weakened fascia to mold to settling walls.
  3. Standing Water on a Flat Roof: A common misconception is that a flat roof is truly flat. It is necessary to have a slight slant or pitch to divert the water to the eavestrough or downspout. Flat roofs require a skilled professional that can properly pitch the roof and carefully install metal flashing. The smallest of holes has a potential to cause a leak, especially if water puddles form on the roof.
  4. Bowing or Sagging Roof: This is a telltale sign that the integrity of your roof is compromised and is something that should be taken care of sooner rather than later. Don’t let your roof damage harm your home even more, contact a quality roofing contractor you can trust for a free estimate.
  5. Tree Growing Into Roof: While trees are a great adornment to your home, if you allow one to grow too close to roof, you could accelerate the need for roof replacement because of a variety of issues including mold and fungi growing which can cause major roof rot.

If your roof is experiencing any of these symptoms and you would like some advice, call us at Ferris Home Improvement. We are roofing contractors in Delaware that can help with any roof replacement, repairs and preventative maintenance.