The Dangers of Bad Gutters

Clogged, Hanging, Disconnected…Bad Gutters Are Bad News!

Whether your gutters are clogged, hanging, or disconnected from their downspouts, the dangers of bad gutters are eventually bad news for your home. Bad gutters can pose a significant risk to your home because they do not effectively perform the job that they were installed for—channeling water quickly and efficiently away from your roof and the foundation of your home. Think you can afford to prolong repairing or maintaining your gutters? You might want to reconsider. Bad gutters that go unattended can be bad for your roof and siding, bad for your basement, bad for your health, and bad for your wallet.


The Dangers of Bad Gutters Are…

Bad for Your Roof & Siding.

Without prompt attention, clogged gutters (like the gutter pictured below) allow water to collect on your roof and can cause the wood fascia, soffit or sheathing, or to weaken and/or rot over time. Constantly clogged gutters? We can help. Click the RHINO BEST Gutter Guard logo to the left to read more about our Gutter Guard line.



Bad for Your Basement.

Hanging or disconnected gutters that allow water to pool at the foundation of your home can contribute to a wet basement via water seepage and/or erosion of the grade (declined dirt ramp running from the foundation) designed to keep water away from the home. Also, installed gutters and downspouts that do not sufficiently channel water away from the foundation can sometimes also contribute to the problem. Ferris Home Improvements, however, can help you evaluate and solve any roof drainage issues. In the picture above from an article on This Old House.com, illustrates how older homes without gutters can be prone to water collection at their foundation. While this picture suggests the more costly solution of installing a French drain system around the homes foundation, Ferris Home Improvements can offer you other more cost-effective options like installing a proper gutter/downspout/extension system. To read the entire article on This Old House.com about the importance of channeling water away from your home, click here.


Bad for Your Health.

Water pooling in gutters can be hazardous to your health outside as well as inside, as pooling water can attract mosquitoes around your home. An article entitled “Practical Advice for Homeowners” from the University of Kentuckys Ag School cautions homeowners to keep their gutters clear and reduce water pooling, thereby reducing the risk of mosquito breeding grounds: “Clogged rain gutters are one of the most overlooked breeding sites for mosquitoes around homes. Remove any standing water on flat roofs or around structures.”


Bad for Your Wallet!

As we mentioned above, bad gutters left unmaintained are bad for your home and your health, two of your most important lifetime investments. Let Ferris Home Improvements install and regularly maintain a proper gutter drainage system now for your home so you can rest assured your wallet wont suffer in the future. Cleaning your gutters now could mean prolonging the life of your roof or keeping water damage out of your basement.


Ugly gutters can be bad news for potential buyers visiting your house. Houselogic.com strongly recommends repairing and maintaining your gutters in its “8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home”: “Nothing sets off subconscious alarms like hanging gutters, missing bricks from the front steps, or lawn tools rusting in the bushes. It makes even the professionals question what else hasn’t been taken care of. Why FHI Services Are So Affordable Ferris Home Improvements is more affordable than the competition because we are not part of a giant, franchised corporation. With less overhead and a mid-size crew of dedicated experts in the field, we are a much more efficient company who can offer you better labor pricing for the same top quality craftsmanship you get from the highest bidding competitors. Another reason why Ferris Home Improvements can offer you such great deals is because we have established great relationships with vendors who make the products to skip the middle man and offer you better-than-retail pricing.

logo-1Financing. Can’t afford the entire bill right now? Would you rather make monthly payments? We have partnered with Service Finance Company to offer financing up to $25,000 for eligible customers, and we’ll work with you to help you get the services you need.


Check out our Gutter Products page to see other innovative products we can install to help you maintain your gutters year-round with minimal labor. Or, just ask us about the options!

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