Wilmington DE Siding and Soffit Experts

New Siding and Soffit – Keys to A More Valuable Home

Beautiful siding and soffit can certainly help your home’s beauty stand out in your neighborhood, but these elements can also help control your home’s temperature throughout the year. Not only can updating these elements add clean-looking and modern aesthetics, and thereby market value, to your home’s curb appeal, they can also put money back in your pocket with significant energy savings.

New Siding Installation involves installation of a new vapor barrier, such as Tyvek® HomeWrap, designed to prevent outside water and air from penetrating your home’s walls, as well as installation of choice of a siding product that can help you achieve the r-value that you seek for your home’s energy efficiency.


 Soffit Installation & Repairs

Soffit: Important for Keeping Your Home Looking & Feeling Cool



Installing new crisp, clean ventilated soffit can instantly update your home’s curb appeal as well as prevent unwanted entry from animals. Soffit, or the area on the underside of your overhanging roof (eaves) is critical to your home’s ventilation. Working in conjunction with a Ridge Vent, adequately ventilated soffit is key to allowing cool air into your attic space and thereby pushing hot air out.



Do you have missing, cracked, or inadequate soffit? Your attic ventilation and the market value of your home could be significantly impacted by the current status of your soffit. Ask our Wilmington DE siding & soffit company for an evaluation of your current soffit and, as always, we’ll give you our honest opinion.

New Soffit Installation involves assessment of the current ventilation status of your soffit, and the opening of more ventilation areas in the eaves if necessary. Then, our crew installs a series of clean, crisp vented soffit pieces throughout the eaves, allowing for adequate air intake through the eaves and optimization of the ridge vent/roof ventilation system in place, thereby maximizing your home’s energy efficiency.

Our Affordable Pricing & Financing

Ferris Home Improvements prides ourselves in delivering outstanding service at an affordable price; we provide the same services as the area’s largest roofing/siding/windows/etc companies for a fraction of the cost. Most of our business is referral-based, so we save significant money on advertising, and our smaller, non-franchise company structure also saves us significant overhead costs as well. So what do we do with all of these savings? Pass them on to our best investment—our customers!

In addition to our standard pricing that continually undercuts the region’s largest companies by up to 60%, we also offer the following price breaks as well:

Neighborhood Roof & Siding Rates. Have a group of neighbors in your community that need a new roof or siding? Why not work together to get a better rate? Ask us about special pricing for three or more homes in your neighborhood. This rate is by far our best!

Exterior Overhaul Package Rates. Need a new roof, siding, soffit, fascia, AND gutters? If you contract us for multiple exterior updates at one time, we offer you significant savings. One Newark, DE customer who completed an entire exterior home renovation with us (roof, siding, soffit, gutters, and fascia) reported a cost difference of $15,000 between our bid and a larger company in the area. Be sure you are not paying thousands extra only for a big name—Ferris Home Improvements will give you the same, great results for a more affordable price, often saving you thousands of dollars!

logo-1Financing. Can’t afford the entire bill right now? Would you rather make monthly payments? We have partnered with Service Finance Company to offer financing up to $25,000 for eligible customers, and we’ll work with you to help you get the services you need.

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