Is It Time For A New Deck?

Some Critical Factors To Help You Decide If You Should Repair or Replace Your Deck or Porch


A new deck or porch can be a significant investment in the beauty, function, and value of your home. However, sometimes our finances might not permit it.  If you’re having trouble deciding whether to repair or replace your deck, here are some tips to help. First, perform a quality inspection on your outdoor living space to aid in your decision.  If you’d like another opinion, we’re always here to help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with a specialist today and we’ll work with you to recommend what your next steps should be.

1) Is the Damage Localized to a Particular Area on Your Deck?

If you’re deck has one area that seems to be stained, rotted, or damaged from a particular source, it usually means that you will need a repair.  Potted plants, a nearby tree, a damaged or leaky gutter, an animal, and other manageable sources of damage can often be identified and corrected, allowing for a lasting repair.  However, if you cannot manage the source of the damage or invest the money to correct the larger underlying issue, then it might not be worth temporarily repairing until the damage resurfaces again.  Continue reading the other questions below to help you weigh your options.

2) Does Your Deck Have Structural Damage?

Sagging or rotten decks or decks that have been infested with termites have reached the end of their life and must be replaced. They can be a significant liability for the safety and value of your home or business.  Here are some signs that you’re deck is structurally weak and most likely needs replacement:

–  Nails/screws are not binding to the underlying deck frame

–  Wooden deck boards feel “soft” or “spongy” when you walk on them, and they give with normal weight

–  Rotting or splitting is visible in the deck frame and/or railings

–  Railing bases will not bind tightly to the deck frame

–  Deck boards are sagging or curling at the ends, making an uneven walking surface

3) Is the Outdoor Living Space Meeting Your Needs?

If your outdoor living space is not serving any of your needs because of its disrepair or its design, then it might be time to invest the money in replacing your deck versus a temporary repair.  A space that needs investment can become a smart investment quickly. If you replace it with a deck that’s customized for your needs.  Why spend a penny on a bandage when you could your money on an outdoor space that turns out to be a smart investment for your home’s function and value?  The only time a repair could be a more viable option brings us to our next consideration…

4) Are You Planning on Selling or Staying?

Are you planning to move in the next few months or stay for an indefinite amount of time?  Depending upon your answer, you might consider whether or not a new deck will help you sell your home or enjoy it while you live there.  If you’re renting, maybe it is best to keep it a more generic space without much customization to keep the appeal up to a wider audience and use a material that will last through several tenants with minimal maintenance.  If you’re staying, make sure you put the money into a design and material that best suits your needs so that you maximize the space while you live there.  Having trouble figuring out your options on a tight budget?  Call us—we’ll help you with other ways you can replace your deck on a budget.

Top 3 Considerations for Your Deck Remodeling Project 

is it time for a new deck

Not sure where to begin planning your deck or porch project?  Consider these 3 factors that are typically the most critical in establishing the boundaries for your dream deck.

1.     Budget.
2.     Size.
3.     Material.


How much are you prepared to spend on your new deck project?  Depending upon your budget, the next two factors, size and material, can be adjusted to work within your spending limit accordingly.  If you’re not sure whether or not it is time for a new deck, ask our experts and read our Is It Time For A New Deck? page.  One thing is for sure—once you establish your budget, then our experts can help you select the deck and accessories that will maximize your budget.  Don’t forget also—we offer extremely competitive financing packages for qualified customers who don’t want to pay for the whole project right away.


The size of your deck can impact how much landscaping you maintain, the size of the social gatherings you can accommodate, and the functions that the deck will be able to serve in your household.  If you choose a traditional product like wood instead of a lifetime product, the size of your deck can also dictate how much maintenance you will have to do to keep your deck in good shape for many years to come.


There are many different types of decking products on the market today, but we try to simplify the selection process as much as possible for our customers.  Consider the good, better, and best options we have listed on our Deck Products page. See what features weigh the most in your decision.  Do you want a deck that’s relatively maintenance-free?  A deck that will last a lifetime?  A deck that is eco-friendly or green?  A deck that is a particular color?  All of these questions can be answered with a list of product options that span a large price range.  All of this can seem overwhelming at times—but don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants. We’ll help guide you through the selection process to figure out what matters to you most.

Why FHI Deck Product Services Are So Affordable

Our Ferris Home Improvements Wilmington DE deck installation company is more affordable than the competition because we are not part of a giant, franchised corporation. With less overhead and a mid-size crew of dedicated experts in the field, we are a much more efficient company. We can offer you better labor pricing for the same top quality craftsmanship you get from the highest bidding competitors.

Another reason why Ferris Home Improvements can offer you such great deals is because we have established great relationships with vendors who make the products to skip the middle man and offer you better-than-retail pricing.

logo-1Financing. Can’t afford the entire bill right now? Would you rather make monthly payments? We have partnered with  Service Finance Company to offer financing up to $25,000 for eligible customers. We’ll work with you to help you get the services you need.


Check out our Deck Products page to see the products we install to help you create the deck of your dreams that fits your budget. Or, just ask our experts about the options!

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