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There are so many brands and types of decking material available to help you build your dream outdoor space, so we’re here to help simplify the options. Our team of deck building experts at Ferris Home Improvements have broken the choices down into three categories to choose from—Good, Better, and Best—with our top brand recommendation for each level of product. We’re confident these three choices will help you dramatically in selecting a material that compliments your design and budget goals, while also considering the most important distinguishing features of these materials and their maintenance over time.

GOOD: Solid Wood Decking

A traditional “go-to” deck material for many decades because of its affordability, availability, and ease of use in construction. There are many different species of solid wood that are naturally insect- and rot-resistant, but even the most basic solid wood materials when treated for outdoor use with arsenic-free treatment can also resist termites and rot. Different species offer different color options or they can always be stained to change with your taste over time. However, solid wood deck materials also require a lot of maintenance throughout their lifespan. Some sources recommend that you stain cedar, redwood, exotic hardwoods, and clear pressure treated decks as soon as possible after completion and then stain again annually every Spring season.

– PROS: affordability; availability

– CONS: maintenance; cost of maintenance over lifetime of deck; potential vulnerability to elements, rot, and insects over time when treatment wears off; susceptibility to warping, cracking, or splitting when not regularly maintained over time; fading and weakening over time; splinters; exposed screws/nails

– OUR RECOMMENDED BRAND: Any treated lumber of your choice.

BETTER: Composite Decking

trex-logoComposite deck materials like TREX® are synthetic (man made), using wood and recycled plastic to manufacture each deck board. These materials boast low-maintenance in comparison to solid wood, but still require some attention to maintain the life and look of the deck over time, such as pressure washing with soap and water or chemical spot treatments as needed. They are greatly malleable and offer many beautiful round design options that are relatively easy to achieve when compared to their solid wood counterpart. Another advantage of composite materials is that they are green—that is, they use recycled materials in their construction.

– PROS: low-maintenance; more design & accessory options than wood; GREEN

– CONS: not completely resistant to fading over time; can heat up in summer; exposed screws and nails



TREX® Product Catalog TREX® Deckscapes Magazine
TREX® Product Catalog TREX® Deckscapes Magazine

BEST: Vinyl Decking

Vinyl deck materials like Gorilla Deck® offer all the best qualities of synthetic decking material, but it is superior in strength and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light over time. The Gorilla® patented interlocking design also creates a water-shedding surface that’s so watertight, it prevents water from traveling through the deck to the underlying area below. Vinyl decking also stays cool in hot weather and is great for all uses close to water, including even floating decks, due to its resistance to dampness and chlorine!

– PROS: low-maintenance; water-shedding technology; patented interlocking design provides added strength; no splinters; concealed fasteners with no exposed screws or nails; stays cool to the touch in hottest weather; UV-resistant; GREEN

– CONS: not maintenance-free; not completely resistant to fading;


Gorilla Deck® Available Colors & Styles

Gorilla Deck® Brochure Click Gorilla Deck® Logo Below To Visit Their Website
Gorilla Deck® Brochure Click Gorilla Deck® Logo Below To Visit Their Website


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